As you have clicked on this page I gather you are a very smart individual who makes supreme choices in life. Maybe you would actually like to read something about cars, but as I grew up with some manners I thought I would introduce myself.

Hi I’m Josh. So there you go, all the formalities are over with and now we know each other. That’s not enough is it? So before you get desperate enough to revert back to watching Chris Evans shouting on Top Gear, or now at the job centre, here it goes. I have the usual story of loving cars since I was a child, but as this tribe is Quattro Life then I’d better explain why I particularly like this German car company. Well really its quite simple and again it comes down to my childhood and in particular my Dad. He has always bought Audi car’s over the years, so nature takes its course and I am now a bit of an Audi fan. Quite boring really. I could say that I love Audi cars because I escaped some burning exploding mess in an Audi and it saved my life, which makes things more interesting, but that would be fibbing.

That’s the point actually, we all have these little obsessions with cars that don’t really need a reason, this is what Drive Tribe is all about, sharing and talking about your obsession with likeminded people. I started by blogging and taking photos of cars just for the fun of it, so now to be able to talk about and enjoy cars with other people on a bigger scale is a real privilege. Thank you in advance for looking at our Tribe. I hope that all those fans of the four rings enjoy Quattro Life, but also fans of the motor car because we all have the same thing in common, everybody is bored of listening to us ramble on endlessly about them, so we now can do it online.

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